Our Business

Premiere Georesources and Development Inc. formerly Redstone Construction and Development Corporation (PGDI) is a subsidiary of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PHA) engaged in contract mining and construction works for mining. PGDI is also engaged in real estate development, environmental protection and remediation, dam, dikes, flood control and reclamation including quarrying, hauling, earthmoving works and heavy equipment rentals. PGDI services two
 of the leading ore producers in the Philippines. PGDI currently has an equipment fleet complement of 150 units.

In pursuit of PHA’s vision of invigorating the countryside, PGDI continues to expand its business by securing new hauling and extraction contracts with some of the biggest mining companies in the country.  

In 2017, PGDI  has completed 2.56M Wet Metric Tons of contract mining services for its clients with revenue of Php246M. Last year, with the government’s bullish outlook on infrastructure development, PGDI  has started refocusing its business as an Infra Company.